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Financial District

of Oklahoma

The 84-acre Financial Park in Edmond will provide a one-stop outlet for several industry-specific financial professionals, including accounting firms, stockbrokers, mortgage companies, credit unions, banks, financial advisors, and other like-minded professionals.  The boundaries start West on 15th Street at the Northwest corner of Spring Creek Village of Edmond, approximately, .7 miles going east to The Madison building, 2020 East 15th.   E-mail us for more information at:


One stop shop for:


  • Banking  

  • Insurance

  • CPA

  • Financial Services

  • Mortgage

  • Accounting

  • Legal Services

  • ChappelWood Investments

  • Shopping at Spring Creek Plaza

  • Spring Creek Village of Edmond

  • Spring Creek Suites

  • Bridges in Spring Creek

  • Churches

  • Silver Tree Interiors

  • Turtle Creek Professional Offices

  • Turtle Creek Condominiums

  • Daycare Center

  • Madison Oaks Professional Office Park

  • Real Estate


As a member of the Financial District of Oklahoma (FDO) Association, you become part of a powerful alliance that represents the high standard of financial and support services. Since the standard of FDOA is to continuously meet and exceed customers' expectations, your business will consequently become more recognized and recommended. You will find that the members of the FDO have the same business ethics, dedication and knowledge that together, through membership support and recommendations, you can achieve better results than any company can alone.

Furthermore, through collective marketing, public relations, website support, and other services available, you will develop better competitive standings while keeping these costs minimal. Your company will be listed in the Financial District of Oklahoma Membership Directory which will be distributed to all FDO Members as well as all residents of the Financial District of Oklahoma. As the recognition of the FDO will grow, the wider your base will become. Being a member of the Financial District of Oklahoma Association can very well be one of the most important decisions you make to ensure the bright future of your company.

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